Hello Fellow Nevadans! 

I have lived in this community for over 10 years. I know this community especially well because I also taught many of our Assembly District 5 students at our local elementary school. Living doorsteps away from students, while working with parents and staff from within my very own community, provides me an insightful perspective. I moved here toward the beginning of the housing market crash and saw its impact first hand. I have also observed the increase in crime. Assembly District 5 is important to me, not for political gain, but because this has been my home for years. Here are the businesses that I am a patron of, here are the students I have taught, here are the friends that I’ve made. I care deeply about the education, economy, safety, and overall welfare of our Assembly District 5. 



The public agrees that Public Education is a top priority; Therefore, who better to advocate for students and educators than a current Clark County School District Educator? I can articulate the challenges and proposed solutions in a way only an educator can. I’ve devoted my career to public service. After spending years developing and managing programs in education, workforce development, and prisoner reentry, eventually, I felt the calling to enter the classroom. To reach children in order to equip them with the education and skills necessary to be successful.  I possess the education and professional experience to address the issues we face. I am dedicated and prepared with a successful record of accomplishment in making things happen. 


I am honored to serve and represent Assembly District 5 in the Nevada State Legislature. This past session, I sponsored and successfully passed AB312, requiring the State Board of Education to prescribe class sizes for all grades K-12 and AB423 that enables the Secretary of State the ability to conduct a gender equality survey of businesses in Nevada.

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Our state offers a grand benefit of accessibility to Electeds that is nearly impossible in more populated states. Please, take advantage of the fact that I am your neighbor! I encourage you to contact me with questions, concerns, and ideas. I enjoy open dialogue about issues, and wholeheartedly uphold my duty to serve all Assembly District 5 residents and Nevadans, regardless of party affiliation. 


You deserve someone who is accessible and willing to listen, and who will advocate for you. I am that candidate. Thank you for visiting my website. Please join my Facebook fan page, under Miller4AD5, to join in on relative discussions. Most importantly, I appreciate your support and promise to continue to serve you well!




2017 Legislative Session Committees:


Parole and Probation


Health and Human Services

Interim Session Committees:

Legislative Committee on Education

Education Commission of the States

State Council for the Coordination of the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children

National Committees:

National Council of State Legislators- Legislative Effectiveness Committee

Council of State Governments West-Education and Workforce Development

Community Committees:

Nevada Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force


Public office

Brittney Miller has spent the past twenty years preparing for public office. She is results driven with an extensive professional background in both the public and corporate sectors.  As a respected leader in the complex Metropolitan Detroit area, she spent years successfully developing and managing programs funded by and in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Labor, State of Michigan Department of Education, Department of Justice, and Department of Health and Human Services.  Her experience is further enhanced as a result of her time in the financial industry.  Currently, she is a middle school teacher in the Clark County School District. She has a uniquely diverse professional background, coupled with her passion for public service. Brittney has the necessary knowledge, creativity, and experience to lead. She has lived in this community for over nine years, teaching students directly from her own neighborhood. As your neighbor, she represents you with integrity and priority.